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Sometimes we wonder what lies in our future. I know for a fact that a lot of the time when I look back on the past, there is a part of me that is very glad I DIDN'T know everything or else my courage to face what was ahead would have failed me. 

However that never seems to stop my impatience and desire to know what is around the corner. Part of it is perhaps to prepare myself better. Will I still be this broke in a few months? Should I spend or save what little I do have? (I still haven't got to Paris and my dad gave me some $ to go for my birthday... which was last month and I STILL haven't got there) Is there some way I could choose my future? To have even a good idea that this way will get a good ending, while that way won't be as good. Kinda like a 'make-them-yourself adventure books from my childhood. Which decision will get me to the 'good' ending? Where everyone is happy and all bills paid with enough left over for travel?

Oh well... perhaps this is the weird ramblings of someone who hasn't slept since yesterday and had a tough 11hr shift at work (which I did), or perhaps now is when I don't have the usual walls up. Probably both.

Just wish I knew which road has the happy ending...

Why worry the destination, enjoy the journey! A tumbleweed relies on the ebbs and flows in the breeze.. a rolling stone gathers no moss..

moss is heavy and squishy after a while.. bogs you down some ;)


and there is a LOT of moss here in cold, damp England..... lol


good post


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